IMG_3890Before I get too far along in the next phase of life, (ie. back to business, and the business of living), I’d like to take a moment to honor the latest experience of Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 hour certification training 2014, which took place in July and August in Reston VA, and in retreat style in Gore VA at the high-vibration retreat called The Land Celebration.

The group of 95ers and 20oers were seamlessly compatible as we worked with the Yoga for ADHD/Autism and Happily Ever Now.  As we moved into the retreat for the last 105 immersion program with the 200 hour students, very quickly they were completing each other’s sentences more than once.  We organizers all commented that the students EFFORTLESSLY understood whatever deeper concept of Yoga was being communicated.  More than once, the conversation and insights were right on the leading edge of consciousness!IMG_3838

Our time together included a powerful sweat lodge, hosted by Suwaylu, who is the energy behind The Land Celebration.  We release a lot of old stuff in that sweat lodge, and came out cleaner and purer in thought, word, and deed.  Great thanks for Suwaylu for that.  Same for the powerful Kundalini yoga that we practiced with Kartar, myself, and Lisa, whose versatility includes gormet cooking, hatha yoga training, and energetic and physical anatomy.  Kartar, as usual, brought people to tears, as he goes deep in a loving and human way…that’s his style (and has something to do with why I married him all those decades ago!)

IMG_3898We brought back B.J. to teach Senior yoga, and since seniors are her life and love, everyone in the course gains confidence in teaching elders with love and respect.  We added a new section to the training, Yoga based on Brain Gym, taught by Jyoti, who is the power behind the organization of the entire training.  Great to see her teaching also, and helping students to gain more brain-body tools to use in schools and everyday life.IMG_3895

I am very pleased with the evolution of RCFY 95 and 200.  Every year it is a high point for me because I get to know my students in an all-new way, and together we take the experience of Conscious Living higher and higher.

If this trend continues, and I have every knowing that it will—next year we will be saying “best training ever!” all over again….


Get a taste and an authentic feel of the retreat from this video, lovingly put together by Lisa.  Thank you!!!IMG_3835