Byron Katie once said, “All fear is about believing what you think.”  My experience tells me she is right.   And so, this piece of wisdom  has become part of the Guidance Cards in Happily Ever Now, a unique and powerful course I teach a few times a year.

flat,550x550,075,fJust a short time ago, I had a dream that typifies this idea.  In the dream I was sleeping peacefully on a bed outside.  It was snowing.  The feeling was peaceful, as though there was nothing unusual about sleeping outside on a bed in the snow.  In revisiting the dream, there was a sense that I created the scenario, as though on some level I knew it was a dream.  So I could relax and enjoy the feeling of it.

Next in the dream, some hikers came along who were walking on a trail that meandered right by my bed.  All bundled up and booted, they were astonished that I had slept in a bed outside in the snow. In a wink of an eye, my peaceful feeling vanished.  Gone was the understanding that the scenario was self-created…that all was as it should be. Instead I  began to believe their perspective, and with a bit of panic, agreed that this was not only strange, but possibly dangerous since I was wearing only pajamas.

I woke with a start, and had the immediate realization that the dream creation posed an  interesting idea to ponder:

All players in the dream were different perspectives of myself.  I was the innocent one enjoying the feeling and wonder of the scenario.  I was the “nay-sayers”, pointing out the illogic and the danger.  And I was the one who forgot that I created the dream, and began believing what I thought!


imagesWould love to open a discussion here:

What experience have you had that is similar to this?  Whether it is prompted from a dream state, or  a thought you catch in your day to day life–what insights and realizations have come to you in this state of awareness?