Today I went to Lowes to buy paint for our living/dining room.  I thought about the man behind the counter, who has the unique job of mixing colors into white paint with absolute precision as to distinguish one color from thousands of other possible colors. In turn, he surprised me with a true artist’s sense as he excitedly brought the bucket to me…”Look at this,” he said with his East Asian accent, “It is a work of art.”  He must have sensed that I would appreciate this, or else he didn’t care and perhaps spoke to all his customers as friends and artists.  So before the mixing machine did its job of homogenizing all the colors into one, we both stood and admired the natural art of the colors.  Looking into the bucket, I saw a moon caught in orbit around an unknown planet, while he was describing clouds and worlds of his own.  Then we both got out our phone cameras and took pictures like it was the most natural thing to do in a hardware store, while all around us people were bustling about buying light bulbs and cement.

In any case, the admiration and enjoyment lasted only a few moments, but the comfortable feeling of connection and upliftment lasted much longer.