This uplifting video, , is about Carly, who has severe autism.  She had such a great desire to share herself–her Self–that after 11 years of not speaking/communicating (except through behavior), she suddenly began typing on her computer, writing about her life. The expression of her profound understandings are something to behold. What a great amount of love she has– letting those of us who are “slower” (so-called normal) have a peek at what her world is like.

Watching this video brought up new ideas and questions within me. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could learn from this?  Not just to feel good that she broke into our world and gave us a glimpse of her world.  But to realize the opportunity to see life through the eyes of someone who doesn’t play by the usual rules–to see the magic they have to offer. And to take it one step further: She made the effort to communicate in a form that is easy for us regular folks to understand.  Can we make an effort to accept and find the glory in all the various paths that a soul might take?  And from that point of view, communicate in the language of love?