Sharing some parts of a yoga class I did with 16-17 year olds in a school where they had been studying Hatha Yoga as part of their Health and Gym class (with a wonderful RCFY 200 hour teacher). 

This was their first time doing Kundalini yoga and these  “energy” games.  Here are a few themes and activities and their written responses.


Hand Rubbing to Feel Your Aura  images

Rub hands together with the eyes closed for a minute.  Bring the hands apart about 2 feet.  Feel the energy in the hands and between them as you slowly “play with the energy” between your hand by bringing them apart and closer together until little by little the hands come together.  The entire time focus on the space between the hands.

Responses from the students:

  • Your aura reflects your true mood even if you are pretending to feel something else.
  • The intuition game we did with the heat in your hands was awesome.
  • When we rubbed our hands together I could feel some sort of sponge block that I could press my fingers into.
  • Very cool to feel the energy moving when we rubbed our hands and moved them closer together.
  • Interesting to learn about the energy around everyone (aura)


Find the Feather Intuition Game:  Sitting in smaller groups with a feather in the center, do a centering meditation to access your inner “knowing” by breathing, focusing on the heart and the area between the eyebrows (the intuitive chakra called Ajna Center).  Then one person leaves the room.  Another person in the group places the feather underneath him/herself.  The person comes back and uses intuition to determine who has the feather.  The other members of the group “send” good energy to that person, visualizing a strong intuition and confidence.

Responses from the students:

  • Whether we like it or not – a little logic enters our minds – and it can throw off our intuition.
  • When we played the feather game it was hard not to use the thinking part of your brain.
  • Our group got it right every time on the first try!
  • I’ve always thought I had a strong intuition and Shakta’s activity proved that.

I hope this was helpful.  If you want more detail about these activities or more ideas, check with a Radiant Child Yoga  trainer, ask on RCY FB page, or take a course in Radiant Child Yoga!