Ambassador Program

A Radiant Child Yoga teacher who is also a recognized provider of Radiant Child Yoga educational workshops for teaching local schools and all child-oriented communities how to share yoga with children.

As an RCY Ambassador, you will act as a bridge from the world of yoga into child-oriented programs in your community!

Your RCY Ambassadorship provides you with the ability to enrich your community through the life-enhancing skills of yoga, and simultaneously increase your revenue streams!

The RCY Ambassador program is the next logical step for all Radiant Child Yoga 200 and 95 level teachers who aspire to bring children’s yoga training to adults.

This innovative online training will provide you with the skillsets, knowledge, practice, feedback, and all necessary materials to conduct workshops introducing the foundations of Radiant Child Yoga to adults who work with youth in specific environments such as schools, therapeutic practices, and community-based programs.

Pre-Requisite: Radiant Child Family Yoga 200 or 95-hour yoga certification training

Participants in the RCY Ambassador program can be in the process of completing the Radiant Child Family Yoga 200-hour or 95-hour training when they begin the online Ambassador training and will be granted the status of Recognized RCY Ambassador upon completion of RCFY-200 certification, or RCFY-95 certification with supplemental training.

The Ambassador online training course is now open for registration.

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