higher mind triangleThink of your mind as a triangle.  There’s the two lower corners that represent the polarity of negative and positive perspective. There is a sense of exclusivity in this perspective–it is either one thing or another, and never the two shall meet!

Then there is the top point of the triangle that is the higher mind, or higher Self.  The higher mind is inclusive–it contains all the perspectives.  The two polarities see the world from the viewpoint of THIS or THAT, but the higher mind knows it is all one thing, because all things are contained in this here and now.  Its viewpoint is THIS and THAT. And because it contains all the perspectives, it is not confused, but is co-fused.  In other words, it sees the oneness in the diverse perspectives, and from there, can feel out the path through what the mind considered a conundrum.

Personally, I am finding it very fun to play with these different perspectives and see how there are choices at every moment.   Playing with the higher mind perspective doesn’t mean you don’t focus in on the here and now.  Because of our space (here)-time (now) perspective, it is natural for us to experience one thing at a time.  But there are still a number of ways to experience here and now holistically, no matter what kind of challenges the “here and now” bring to you!  Within the single experience, you have the choice to stop and expand back out in a very open, playful way…including the detail of exclusivity that the here and now focus provides.

An internal focus reminder:

Focus down…then expand out.

Create the vision…then surrender the vision.

Bring it to a specific reality you prefer…let it build…then let the image go surrendering the vision and holding the energy.

By holding the energy of the vision and letting go of the actual vision, you are expanding out into the energy state of what the image vision leads you to..

This or That consciousness doesn’t allow the magic to happen.

This and That consciousness allows you to be on a certain wavelength where magical occurrences are a way of life!

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