This year is beginning of a new decade for me–the sixth.  I am feeling the satisfaction of non-doing.  I still “do” a lot.  But am loving the non-doing times more than ever.  I revel in the relaxed flowing feeling of just being.  And the cool thing is that the more relaxation into non-doing is my experience, the more it translates  in the day to day “doing” of things too.

The other day I walked down the steep hill on our property in the Shenandoah Mt area of Northern VA, stepping carefully and using a walking stick, as the gravel can be slippery.  At the bottom is a culvert–a metal tube placed under the cinder road to direct the water flow.  We’ve had huge amounts of rain lately– torrents are not uncommon–so the water falling over rocks and gushing through the tunnel was a magnificent sound that stopped me in my tracks for 15 minutes or more.  Just being with the sound, just watching my dogs have fun in the stream, just looking for the most comfortable rock for cozy sitting while contemplating the tune of the rushing water, and then visioning  all the negative ions generated by the tumbling stream.  Soaking in the ions, soaking in the sound, loving being myself and having the life I have, realizing I don’t “have” to do anything, that everything unfolds just as it should.  Ahhhh……there ARE some advantages to getting older!