About Radiant Child Yoga

Radiant Child® Yoga, established in 1999, is a Yoga Alliance certified school and training program at the 30, 95, and 200 hour levels. Along with the founder, Shakta Khalsa, RCY has dedicated trainers all around the world who have trained over a hundred thousand children’s yoga teachers.

Radiant Child Yoga recognizes that children are naturally radiant, aware, and full of innocent wisdom. The deeper purpose of children’s yoga is to help them maintain or regain their inherent state of being. Radiant Child® empowers adults to share the magical and practical benefits of yoga with children, some of which are:

  • Self-empowerment
  • Self-confidence
  • Positive Attitude
  • Mindfulness and Focus
  • Self-Calming Abilities
  • Empathy
  • Brain-Body Coordination
  • and many more!
Get Started
We are a Yoga Alliance Registered School and we make it easy to get certified!

Choose to register for a workshop or to become an accredited yoga teacher. At any time in the future your workshop hours count toward full certification if that is what you aspire to.

Join the RCY Family!

  • Our students have the opportunity to continue to grow and network within the RCY community through RCY FB, , and newsletter.
  • We honor each student’s creativity and inner wisdom.
  • Our trainings are balanced by deep contemplation and joyful fun.
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Radiant Child Yoga Supports:


Humane Society of Warren County

Global Camps Africa

Kundalini Yoga for Youth

We offer work-study and partial scholarships to attend Radiant Child Yoga training programs. Contact us as info@childrensyoga.com to find out more.