imagesRight now I am in Kona, Hawaii. It is a gorgeous day, as every day seems to be here. I am on a spiritual tour, swimming with dolphins each day, guided by meditations created by spiritual helper, Bashar. While I am finding the group fun, and the meditations deep, my experience of spending days on a boat have been quite challenging–seems I am more of a landlubber than I thought!

The last few days, the seasickness has subsided to some extent, and I’m having some beautiful experiences swimming right along with pods of friendly dolphins who accepted me as part of their pod for the few moments we are together. There’s a sense of being part of the family, some brief but lovely eye contact, and the abiding message of “getting in the flow takes you where you need to go.” A powerful way to live!images-7

Later, in my hotel room, I am reminiscing about my thirty-year love affair with dolphins. In the mid 1980s, I gradually became aware of my connection with these amazing beings that we call dolphins, and I was impassioned to learn more about them. I studied every book about dolphins and whales I could find. I learned that children, especially those with Autism, had a bond with dolphins. I visualized being with them, communed with them in my meditation. I even wrote a song for my program, Radiant Child Yoga.  The song, My Dear Dolphin Friend, is a way to connect with dolphins beyond the barriers of land and sea.

And so, it was around 1988 on the way to the Kundalini Yoga Winter Solstice Celebration in western Florida that I had my most extraordinary experience with a dolphin. Though I swam with dolphins in the wild before and since that time, ironically the most memorable experience I ever had was with a captive dolphin.

Near the solstice location was an old aquarium park that had seen better days. For several years in a row, I visited the aquarium on my way to the solstice celebration. I loved the park because it was small and personal…you could really be with the animals there. Most especially, I loved to see my beloved friends, the three resident dolphins.

images-6On this particular visit to the aquarium, I stood at the underwater glass wall where I could see one of the three dolphins swim by every fifteen seconds or so. The tank was that small. I was the only one there, and delighted in making eye contact with each of them as they would swim by, the classical bottlenose dolphin smile on their faces.

I had discovered that the lead dolphin, the largest of the three, was called Davy. I remember feeling pain at seeing them captive in this tiny, run-down place. I sent out a prayerful feeling, asking for help in rescuing them. At that moment Davy swam by, and in his countenance I saw a clear response to my plea. The message I felt/heard was; “You got it wrong. We volunteered to be with you humans. We are not captive, we are ambassadors.”

As I absorbed the information I was just given, Davey came around the small take again. This time he did something I’ve never seen before nor since–he stood up, facing forward, with his flippers treading the water so he stayed perfectly in place. His front side faced my front side. His two eyes locked with my two eyes. We were both still, and time did not seem to pass.

As part of our Kundalini yoga path I’ve experienced many years of White Tantric Yoga. With that frame of reference, I felt myself to be in a powerful White Tantric experience in the locking of the gaze with Davey. In that space, in that gaze, there was no human and no dolphin. There was only two souls meeting for a moment of forever. I felt a familiar feeling of being with my soul family. Between us there was a deep love, a deep knowing.

This remarkable experience lasted possibly 60-90 seconds. Then my mind came on board a bit more, and with that, I noticed that the feeling was fading. Davy felt it too, and he swam on.

images-4Dazed, I walked away from the glass wall, walking without thought, just kind of wandering. I saw that in front of me was an octopus in his glass tank. There was no thought, just a soft observer noticing everything. My finger touched the outside of his tank. He placed his tentacle so it was “touching” my finger on the other side of the glass. We mirrored each other’s movements on either side of the glass. The glass did not seem to be there. We moved as one, mirroring each other perfectly so my finger and his tentacle were moving in concert. It was a spontaneously occurring communication.

Then the spell, as it seemed, was broken. It gently faded. I returned to my thoughts and my feelings…a separate individual who was reflecting on this extraordinary experience; thanking Davy, thanking the octopus, thanking the place that provided the experience, and thanking the whole Universe that I was how I was.images-8