Reprinted with permission from Nam Hari Kaur, Akara Numerologist

Training Begins Now!

The calendar year of 2016 is an unusual time on planet Earth, and the month of January is the beginning of our training in this unique energy field. imagesIt is a year of intensities and extremes, along with the opportunity to make a quantum leap in your own spiritual evolution.  I personally marvel at the synchronicity of how the collective psyche on the planet will, at times, make a statement through the entertainment industry. For example, in the latest “Star Wars” movie (Star Wars VII), there is such a dramatic spectrum of good and evil expressed in this film, as well as the need for the lead characters to learn on the run. We must be quick and adaptable in 2016, and your training starts right now.

Let me give you a more realistic example, and by watching this video clip.  You will see the absolute perfection of the point I am making. This is a stellar “stand and deliver” moment that is not to be missed. Here a twelve year-old boy successfully navigates an intimidating situation that would have derailed most adults, and he does it with grace and dignity. By not reacting, see how he turns the situation around and creates an exhilarating victory for himself.  images-1Starting with your nervous system, it is possible to develop yourself to have the core vitality necessary to support your personal presence in the world. As Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, had said:  If your presence doesn’t work, nothing works.”


Physical and Mental Support for the New Year

Yogi tea, ginger tea, and B-complex vitamins all support the nervous system. Golden milk is another good yogic recipe to be enjoying, as it contains turmeric, which helps to balance the brain hemispheres. Yogi Bhajan called it “poor man’s gold”!

Having a quality “time out’ for yourself in your day is now essential. You might like to listen to relaxing music, take a hot bath with 2 lbs. of Sea Salt to remove emotional toxins, or focus on a hobby or creative work of art. And that creative work of art could be finger painting or coloring with crayons. Really.images-2

Your ability to disconnect at will from the onslaught of news and media is an important act of self-preservation. Immersing yourself into something that is simple and one-pointed is a positive way to decompress and create balance for yourself.


The Number Nine: Last of the Single Digits

2016 adds up to a 9 (2+0+1+6=9), and number 9 represent patience and self-mastery. You cannot master anything without patience and endurance, and rest is an important component to maintaining a reserve energy reservoir.

In his later years of life, I remember Yogi Bhajan would say, “Don’t do what I did, don’t overwork. Life is a balance.” Of course, we all appreciate the sacrifice he made for us, and I personally think he would like us to maintain our health and vitality through compassion for ourselves, as well as humanity.

It is health and vitality we will need in January, as the year starts off with conflict and turmoil. There is an aggressive undercurrent at play, and you will be wise to not get in the way of anyone who is willing to win at any cost. This would include situations of road rage, competing for a parking space, or anything that pertains to the element of metal (steel, iron, aluminum. etc.)

Be careful in the kitchen, particularly with knives, as there is a “slippery” aspect to this year. Objects can just slip out of your hands, or get lost. This includes car keys, and you would be wise to make a spare set of keys, now, for anything important in your life. This includes the key to your teenage son or daughter’s room, as they may be feeling a bit lost, and need help.

Mastery over Mystery

images-3Number 9 represents “Mastery over Mystery,” and on that note we need to be able to read between the lines of what is happening around us. In music there is always a bass note to a song.

Once you filter through the vocals, lead guitar, drums, and other obvious instruments, there is the bass note. Steady, clear and present. Develop within yourself the ability to ask the question, “What is really going on here, what part have I been missing?” You will save yourself from a host of heartache if you develop a relationship with your own Subtle Body now, and not in the backwash of, “Damn, how did I miss that?”

UnknownThe saving grace and beauty of 2016 is that there is the ability to ask and receive help when we need it. Yes, it’s in the numbers! The number 2 is the Transformer number for the Asset Calculation, and number 2 represents relationships and support. But remember, you have to ask, not just wishfully think. You can ask another person, you can ask you own Higher Self, or you can call upon the Angels in the Heavens. Just ask, using your voice as a frequency to connect to an avenue of energy that can deliver what it is you need.

A powerful way to do this is through the “Ardas Bhaee” mantra. It is considered a “prayer mantra,” meaning it automatically adjusts your prayer to what it is you need. A lovely new version of this is the “Ardas Choir” track, and you can get the individual track through this link.  I loop it to repeat so it will continue for 11 minutes, a complete cycle of meditation within the Kundalini Yoga teachings.

Unknown-1Invest in yourself. Invest in the greatness of your own spirit. Give yourself a chance by aligning with a frequency that can deliver you to a place where the echoes of the past will no longer haunt you.  

It’s a New Year, it’s a New Life, and it’s a New You.  Sat Nam!

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