I was listening to an Abraham CD recently and my ears perked up when a woman who is a dolphin trainer at a water park came on and talked about how she trains the dolphins.  She said “We train with 100% positive expectation. We say  ‘Come this way, come this way. That’s it! That’s it!’  We don’t look at what we don’t want, only what we do.”

Wow! Immediately I saw the value of adding this concept to the Radiant Child Yoga training so that teachers would find the good in the children they are working with.  On a more subtle level, I saw the benefit of having 100% positive expectation for the “graduates” of the Radiant Child Yoga training; seeing them taking this work beyond what they learn from me, each in their own creative way.

Finally, I applied the dolphin trainer’s simple teaching to the living of life.  What if our thoughts about ourselves (as well as others) were trained into 100% Positive Expectation?  What if we didn’t look at what we did ‘wrong’ but instead said to ourselves ‘come this way, come this way, that’s it!’

When we lift ourselves from the habitual mind, we create new neural pathways into unchartered territory.  Those new neural pathways that come from our Conscious Creative Self are so much brighter and truer, and they feel so good.  What new pathways are you making in your mind and heart today?