We believe we can improve children’s mental and physical health by educating parents, teachers, therapists and healthcare professionals through the therapeutic science of yoga.

Learn how to align energetically with children and deepen your understanding of their specific developmental needs through Radiant Child® trainings, enriched with evidence-based teachings in yoga therapy and brain-body science.

Our trainings are purposeful, playful and accessible to anyone wishing to impact the lives of children.

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Children’s Yoga Foundations

95-Hour Teacher

200-Hour Teacher

We know that children are inherently wise, radiant, and joyful at their core.

However, today many children appear to struggle with anxiety, anger, depression, fatigue, lack of focus, imbalance, and injury.

By developing self-regulation and modeling confidence, peace, and love within ourselves, we strengthen the innate connection each child has to who they truly are.


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