Project Description

Fezia Tyebally
Yoga Therapist (RYT-500), Yoga Teacher (RYT-200 and RCYT-95)
Malaysia, Asia

Fezia has trained in a number of modalities. Her passions include water and yoga, and she very naturally brings these to the therapeutic work she does with differently-abled people. A naturally fun loving individual, Fezia always brings an element of fun and playfulness to her therapy, engaging children at all times in a fun-loving and respectful way. An ardent Yogi, Fezia is a certified Yoga Therapist (accredited by Yoga Alliance) and a certified Yoga Teacher with a specialty in children’s yoga. She also has advanced training in Yoga for the Special Child. She is a facilitator for the Radiant Child Yoga Program and primarily trains teachers in Asia to work with typical and special needs children. Born in the U.K., Fezia currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Fezia speaks a number of European and Asian languages, with English being her first language.

To contact Fezia, please e-mail: or visit:


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