Uncommon Help for the Common Cold

Having not had so much as a cold for several years, I was surprised to find myself wake up the other day with a sore throat, which has been my warning signal since I was a child. The sore throat quickly turned into a heavy feeling in the sinuses, followed by a tickling feeling in [...]

Thanksgiving: Taking a Stand for All Earth’s Creatures

Ahimsa So we love yoga, and yoga is about wholeness, health, spirit, and with all that comes the opportunity to put your beliefs where your mouth is.  We say we love all creatures of Mother Earth.  Then it comes time to socialize around a meal, and this is where many turn a blind [...]

Heart-Cross Meditation

Heart-Cross Meditation Kundalini yoga has a plethora of meditations, some with mantra, some with breath work, some with visualization.  I generally have 4-6 "go-to meditation" that I choose from as part of my morning sadhana practice. Lately I have been enjoying the Heart-Cross Meditation, which came to my attention while looking for a [...]

Almond Love for Women

The almond is a wonderful nut, and a woman's best friend.  Its oil is excellent both internally and externally for the skin.  Almonds are an excellent source of protein.  They are a good source of manganese, phosphorus and potassium.  In most cases, it is best to remove the outside skin, which is astringent, before eating. [...]

Help Creaky Joints with a Delicious Drink

If you've ever had a back problem so bad it took you 5 minutes to get off the couch.  Or your neck was so tight that it caused a pounding headache, or those old knees "ain't what they used to be" when your climbing stairs....Golden Milk is for you! The secret is what makes it [...]

As Yoga becomes Therapy

As one who has practiced yoga as a spiritual path to awakening/awareness for some 40 years, I find the path that yoga is taking in the west interesting, and strange at the same time.  Looking at magazines that are oriented toward yoga therapy, I started thinking how I didn't sign up to teach yoga and [...]

Yoga for Electronic Overload

We're on a roll here....some people saw the Chair yoga and asked for Desk yoga.  Well, you can do the same chair yoga at your desk.  But did you know there are yogic practices you can do to help combat the electronic "vibes" that your computer/electronic devices emanate into your face all day long? This from [...]

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