Parenting based on Your Yoga Practice

Speak to the Big Soul in front of you, no matter what form it comes in. To do that, you have to be the Big Soul too. Get on the same level.  Look the child in the eye, and put a smile in your eyes. Don't try to talk with a teen- or pre-teen for [...]

Almond Love for Women

The almond is a wonderful nut, and a woman's best friend.  Its oil is excellent both internally and externally for the skin.  Almonds are an excellent source of protein.  They are a good source of manganese, phosphorus and potassium.  In most cases, it is best to remove the outside skin, which is astringent, before eating. [...]

The Universe in Your Heart…according to the Muse

“To the one who meditates on Love, there comes a perfect peace And all pain and sorrow depart. Meditate upon the one who contains this universe, Whose holy name is the whisper on the lips of the entire creation.” These words, from the sacred text of the Sikh path, are sung into my heart by [...]

Lead with your Heart…Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Walking today, recovering from intensive massage that had opened up some closed and creaky doors in my lower back and hips.  Suddenly the thought occurs to lift my chest, naturally engaging the abdominals.  Just as suddenly, the lower back and hips fall into a natural place, acting like a back and hips should act while [...]

Staying Young for a Long Time

Hello women friends! Staying young for a long, long time is a wonderful, blessed way to live.  As women, we have so much to give as we mature, so much wisdom born of hard earned experience, and so much loving kindness to share.  So let’s keep our good health and vitality and reap the profit [...]

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Mandala Meditations

After decades of disciplined yoga and meditation practice, for some time now it has been a soft intent of mine to find meditation everywhere. To be present, awake, and happy as often as possible...to live fully.  Lately I have found a simple practice that brings me into a meditative process of beauty, softness, and focus...coloring [...]

Give-Away Yoga

Altruistic service--in yoga called seva or karma yoga--is, for the most part, unanimously hailed as an important part of Yoga business.  In Radiant Child Yoga, we offer training scholarships, usually in the form of workstudy, offer yoga classes based on donation,  and make monthly contributions to several organizations that work with children.  I like the [...]

Yoga to Balance Head and Heart

Our heads are logical and want "proof" about everything, which means they cannot understand anything that is outside of the limits of the mind. Our hearts can understand and intuit what the head does not know, yet our emotional heart can create a ball of confusion that clouds our judgement . With head and heart [...]

Wonderful Yoga Women Come in All Sizes

Fezia Tyebally is a trainer for Radiant Child Yoga, living in Asia.  I especially like Fezia's can-do attitude in the article she wrote about her life as a plus-size yogini, titled Yoga for All.  I totally agree with her observation about Kundalini Yoga being made for all sizes, and it's transformative power is second to [...]

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Meditation for Emotional Balance

From my book, Yoga for Women.  Seems like a good time to bring this one out.  Thanks to Yogi Bhajan for offering this and so many amazing Kundalini Yoga treasures! Before practicing this meditation, drink a glass of pure water, preferably at room temperature.  Emotions and the need for water and intricately connected.  When there is an [...]