Thanksgiving: Taking a Stand for All Earth’s Creatures

Ahimsa So we love yoga, and yoga is about wholeness, health, spirit, and with all that comes the opportunity to put your beliefs where your mouth is.  We say we love all creatures of Mother Earth.  Then it comes time to socialize around a meal, and this is where many turn a blind [...]

Thanksgiving Prayer from Yogi Bhajan

A Thanksgiving Prayer from Yogi Bhajan Thanksgiving 1971 Our thanks to every such environments where we Beings  grow in peace and harmony, in love and in tranquility. Our thanks to all that is graceful around us and also our thanks to all that forces us to become graceful. Our thanks to that negativity which has [...]

Almond Love for Women

The almond is a wonderful nut, and a woman's best friend.  Its oil is excellent both internally and externally for the skin.  Almonds are an excellent source of protein.  They are a good source of manganese, phosphorus and potassium.  In most cases, it is best to remove the outside skin, which is astringent, before eating. [...]

Yoga Certification? I’m Just Here for the Food!

Change your life with Radiant Child Family Yoga Certification Retreat, and most especially change your diet, for the delicious better!  Here's a recipe to take home on the house...compliments of Lisa Brodrick, our Retreat's Gormet Chef, and blogger of Inspired Veggies Avocado Cornucopia What happens when you add cruciferous vegetables to your guacamole? Something really, really [...]

Help Creaky Joints with a Delicious Drink

If you've ever had a back problem so bad it took you 5 minutes to get off the couch.  Or your neck was so tight that it caused a pounding headache, or those old knees "ain't what they used to be" when your climbing stairs....Golden Milk is for you! The secret is what makes it [...]

My Childhood as an Undercover Vegetarian

me as a teen As an adult, I know I have many gaps in awareness, times that I am just functioning from my habitual mind.  When I want to be more present to myself or to a child, I have found it helpful to remember what it feels like to be in a [...]

Love Animals? Then don’t eat them.

Sticking my neck out here a bit for the love of my fellow creatures.  It is the least I can do for all the joy they've given me over the years.  Animals are marvelous beings, most of us agree on that.  I would be a very rich person if I had a dollar for every [...]

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Memes of Cheese

Off and on I am reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book Excuses Begone!  One fascinating piece of this books talks about memes (rhymes with 'seems').  A meme is "a thought, belief, or attitude in your mind that can spread to and from other people's minds."  In other words, memes are the entrenched thoughts and behavioral characteristics [...]

Green Grass and Happiness

Last weekend I taught Radiant Child Yoga to a wonderful group in Edmonton Canada (prairie expanse and the bluest sky ever filled with puffy super-white clouds!).  I was telling Gita, my assistant, about a boy who my husband, Kartar, and I raised for three years. His name was Hari, and he came from Harlem, in NYC. [...]

Light Minds…. Light Bodies

Last day of the Cleanse--feeling great!  And lost about 8 lbs.   Continuing the cleanse by adding one food back each week--tomorrow I get to have  RICE!  Yum, can't wait.. ..  Lisa B was at my retreat in the Shenandoahs last weekend and we made some great videos.  Check out Shakta Khalsa You Tube channel-- [...]