When Yoga Is, We Are

If you have not seen this because it was published in 2001, we're bringing it back again since it is as true now as it was fifteen years ago! Through experiencing the essence of yoga, the possible human becomes known. So much more than its outward look, yoga's essence is a system for ultimate spiritual [...]

You’ve got a Friend in Meditation

Jenny is an Radiant Child Yoga 200 hour certified teacher.  She homeschool her four children, naturally  and seamlessly blending yoga and meditation practices and principles right into their daily lives.  Here's one wonderful example in her words: Running is like a moving meditation.  And when the running gets too much to bear, the meditative mind [...]

I have the BEST job in the world!

Rainbow Dragon game Yes indeed, I do. And I don't think I'm biased, because other people tell me what a great job I have. I get to have fun, play with adults who are playing at being children, share wisdom teachings that are close to my heart, co-create with wonderful people who are [...]

How and Why to Take a Cold Shower

According to the science of yoga, youth is measured by how vibrant and healthy the glandular system is. In Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, a master who came from India in the late 1960's, and who establish a system for living in health, happiness, and wholeness, one of the best things you can [...]

The Universe in Your Heart…according to the Muse

“To the one who meditates on Love, there comes a perfect peace And all pain and sorrow depart. Meditate upon the one who contains this universe, Whose holy name is the whisper on the lips of the entire creation.” These words, from the sacred text of the Sikh path, are sung into my heart by [...]

Help Creaky Joints with a Delicious Drink

If you've ever had a back problem so bad it took you 5 minutes to get off the couch.  Or your neck was so tight that it caused a pounding headache, or those old knees "ain't what they used to be" when your climbing stairs....Golden Milk is for you! The secret is what makes it [...]

The “No One is as Creative as Everyone” Contest

We're moving into the branding world a bit here at Radiant Child Yoga.  No, we're not going to start slapping the RCY Logo on every bit of everything creative that comes out of our mouths.  But we are excited about our new RCY tee shirts.  Knowing how creative and inspired Radiant Child Yoga teachers are, [...]

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Aura and Intuition Games with High Schoolers

Sharing some parts of a yoga class I did with 16-17 year olds in a school where they had been studying Hatha Yoga as part of their Health and Gym class (with a wonderful RCFY 200 hour teacher).  This was their first time doing Kundalini yoga and these  “energy” games.  Here are a few themes [...]

Healing by Allowing

Received by one of my students after the completion of the Level 3 training of Radiant Child Yoga.  The culmination of Level 3 is a process called Deep Listening.  The meditation practice of Present Moment Awareness is key in this part of the training. Listen and be inspired by this courageous woman's story: Dear Shakta, [...]

Talking Points for Children’s Yoga

I used these in some recent radio and TV interviews and thought I'd pass them on since those of us who are bringing yoga in schools and other institutions can use all the help we can get! Check out this great radio interview I did recently with KISS 104 FM in Atlanta GA Talking Points [...]