Hearing Again..and for the First Time

@ 1970 In the sixth decade of my life I have done something good for myself, something that probably had its roots in my second decade of life.  This was the decade of the Dawning of us age of Aquarius-ers and we loved our loud music....loved hearing the nuances of each note of [...]

Yoga for Electronic Overload

We're on a roll here....some people saw the Chair yoga and asked for Desk yoga.  Well, you can do the same chair yoga at your desk.  But did you know there are yogic practices you can do to help combat the electronic "vibes" that your computer/electronic devices emanate into your face all day long? This from [...]

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Pull Up a Chair… Do Some Yoga

As an occasionally-designated senior citizen,  I wanted to share a little bit of Chair Yoga with you.  You don't have to be a senior to enjoy the ease of yoga and meditation in a chair.  I love how yoga, and especially Kundalini yoga, can be accessible to everyone! Tips:  When I've taught this to older [...]